Authentic Egypt & Pyramid Immersion Tours | Immerse Yourself In Authentic Egypt
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“Ahlan Wa Sahlan”

Welcome to Egypt and to Authentic Egypt & Pyramid Immersion Tours!

For almost two decades, Authentic Egypt & Pyramid Immersion Tours has been serving travelers like you who want the authentic and REAL Egypt. Something off the beaten path.  This is our specialty!

While our focus is on the bespoke authentic Egypt immersive experience, handcrafted for each guest, we also offer a ton of tour packages, day tours, Egypt shore excursions and many other services.

You see, Egypt isn’t just where we live, it’s our heart’s home. We love to take care of our guests like you, immersing all in the best Egypt has to offer.

At Your Service

Why Choose Authentic Egypt & Pyramid Immersion Tours?

Ah-mazing Prices

We’re renowned for our fantastic service at great prices, loaded with much more and still less expensive than many other tours.

You Are Always VIP

Every guest is VIP and that means you’ll be treated to all the extras you would only expect with tours that cost double!

Door-to-Door Service

One of our pro English-speaking drivers will pick you up and return you to your hotel, safe and sound.  Easy-peasy!

Authentically You

We specialize in crafting experiences unique to you.  We realize that this is a once-in-a-lifetime trip for many of our guests, and so we are committed to filling it with the experiences each most want to have, not just some cookie-cutter tour.  It’s your life experience, it’s your holiday, so do it for you, your way!

Experts At Your Side

With almost two decades of experiences serving our guests in their tours in most languages, and a lifetime of authentic Egyptian life, be rest assured we have the know how to provide you with the most experiences with the greatest of value.  You’ve worked hard to get here, so let us handle all the details for you!

Peace Of Mind

From the moment you arrive, you will have one of our expert guides at your beckon call and service to you!  Your safety and well being, not to mention your very peace of mind, is of the utmost importance and priority to our whole organization.  Our guests return year after year because of this bond of trust.

You know you have your ideas…your Instagram dreams.  Take advantage of this FREE SERVICE and let us help you find those most epic Egyptian experiences that will be legend among your family, friends and Followers!  You’ll be surprised with all the ideas we come up with for you to choose from!

You attract a tribe who demand more for their holiday and vacation time, who want more for their training dollars. They want to learn and be transformed not only by the training itself, but by the breathtaking magic of its location.  Influence your tribe in a lasting way on the sands of Egypt’s magic…and it all starts authentically here.



Cairo & Giza Area

Cairo & Giza Area

A Treasure To Discover

Sharm El Sheikh Area

Sharm El Sheikh Area

The Gem Of The Red Sea

Luxor Area

Luxor Area

So Much To See!

Our Raving Fans…

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