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About Us

“Ahlan wa sahlan,” welcome…

I grew up here in these foothills, the home to my family over many generations.

Boyhood summers with my grandfather were spent playing around and climbing the pyramids. My family has acclaimed Arabian horse stables here as well, so the Sahara and the pyramids have always been the backdrop to all that I’ve loved in my life…family, horses, and the pyramids.

My family has a long history of service here too. My father is one of Cairo’s most renowned chefs, and my brothers, uncles and cousins all are also in the hospitality business.

But service for me meant more than just serving my guests of which I relish, but it is about serving my home, my community in telling its rich story in the best way, in sharing the heart of this place I’m blessed to call home.

In the tours and experiences I’ve created, it is my desire to show all the history, all the mystery and magic, but most importantly, the ribbon that runs through it all..its people, my neighbors who call this their home too.

So if you’re looking for the true heart and soul of Egypt in your holiday experience, look no further than Authentic Egypt & Pyramid Immersion Tours.

“Authentic” is our first name – and we mean it.

Ahmed “Franco” Abo Hadida, Founder & President

“Fill your life with adventures, not things.  Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.”

Why People Visit Egypt…

And Why You Should Too


Egypt is known for its pyramids

The Number One reason people come to Egypt is the pyramids. The Great Pyramid of Giza is certainly the most well-known and is the sole survivor of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and is an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Mount Sinai

Yes, THAT Mount Sinai

Right from the pages of the Bible of the Christian Faith, this is where Moses was to have received the Ten Commandments.

The Nile

The World's Longest River

Imagine the history that this powerful river has been a part of...Moses, Cleopatra, and more! The Nile is literally the lifeblood of Egypt and a sight on many a bucket list!

Gorgeous Beaches

The Red Sea Is Amazing

Known for its great beaches, the Red Sea also offers tourists a whole host of water sport activities, resorts and breathtaking scenery.

Snorkeling & Diving

World Class Waters

The Red Sea has over 100 shipwrecks to explore in its depths, along with an abundance of marine life, coral and even stingrays!

The Valley Of The Kings

The Pharoahs Resting Place

Archaeology and ancient history fans the world over know this site for its revealed historical finds and treasures. Even today, these tombs hold wonders for all who visit.

The Sphinx

Part Man, Part Lion

Recognized the world over, the Sphinx is the world's largest monolith statue. Created to guard the nearby tombs, it is a formidable figure in its Sahara home.


A Stunning Open-Air Museum

A visit to the old ruins of Luxor will give pause to all visitors - chock full of ancient beauty, and historical architecture, one should allow for plenty of time to visit.

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